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Danny Rubin and Portfolium present...

How to Write the Best Job Application of Your Life

And Make the Employer Say, "I Need to Meet This Person ASAP!"

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Stuck in the job application process?

Want to land the job you deserve and put your career on the right path?

You've come to the RIGHT PLACE.

Hi, there! I'm Danny Rubin, a proud millennial and author/speaker on business communication skills. I'm excited to host this FREE webinar in partnership with Portfolium, one of my favorite online career platforms.

I've helped thousands of people land interviews and jobs at competitive companies like...

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In the webinar, I cover every major part of the job application process and how to enhance your Portfolium profiles. We will discuss how to: 

  •  Construct your resume so your skills and experience JUMP off the page
  •  Transform your cover letter into a powerful short story of success -- a technique that can turn an employer into your #1 fan
  •  Prepare for the job interview with strategies that make you unforgettable (expert tactics you NEED to employ)
  •  Strengthen your Portfolium profile with stronger writing, attention to detail and memorable stories!
  •  And much, much more!

I'm a contributor to CNBC.com as a go-to expert on business writing. My strategies are also used by top schools like the University of the Virginia as well as the Department of Defense (within military sites like the Pentagon and Quantico).

Who is right for this webinar in the Portfolium community?

  • College students  
  • Recent grads 
  • Military (active duty and retired)
  • Unemployed 
  • People who need internships NOW
  • People who want to switch jobs 
  • Anyone else who needs a job ASAP!

What People are Saying About the Webinar:

Jasmine in Maryland

“Right after Danny helped me improve my resume and cover letter, I was contacted by three employers and ultimately received job offers from two of them!" 

Blake in Texas

"Danny made my resume 1000X better. He helped me better explain the work I do and how it can set me apart from the competition. He really knows his stuff!"

Roba in Illinois

"After listening to Danny talk about 'storytelling' cover letters, I went home and immediately changed my own cover letter. Two weeks later, I was offered three internship positions!"

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